Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wednesday of Holy Week: March 27, 2013

March 27, 2013 (Wednesday of Holy Week) 

The people of God continues to walk, but it is not a simple walk; it is a walk with faith (as did Moses, Isaac, Jacob), and it is we who must choose the best path that leads to the Father as the goal and direction for our salvation. For this, we have to cross the Cross every day of our lives. 

We live in a complicated world, problematic, rationalist, technological, science that dehumanizes. On the other hand, there is lack of health care, employment, housing and basic needs of life and the lack of the Word that is the staple food to sustain a long walk of faith. 

Young people need to discover what the world offers material and virtual, where they spend most of their time, often without personal contact with family and friends without a fruitful relationship that generates life. I am not against technology, but it was created to serve man and not man to be its prisoner. It is almost impossible to live without computer, phone, internet.... We know that millions of people look at virtual and so at least we do not know ourselves. The energy that is used in this should have the power to do the acts of service and charity and all this is along with faith. Many young people immersed in the worldly life are open to drugs, stress, prostitution, lack of sense of natural life. If you do not know where you are going, it makes no sense to walk! Here comes a light to enlighten our reason for walking, the basis of Christian hope. Our faith is not a leap into the darkness! And is the love of a Father who is always with us, always ready to walk beside us and through Jesus, who wanted to be one of us, except sin, who lived our frail humanity and our dreams. We must be optimistic and believe that our gifts and talents frozen in time, should be thawed and invested in building a better community. 

How can I serve my community? The first step is to be self-confident, believing that the Father has loved me, a sinner. God becomes bigger for me, because I recognize myself small and I have to be humble in giving my life for a just cause and solidarity; make my body (voice, hands, feet, my whole being) an instrument of unity and peace and helping those who need it, starting with the first for my family. Recognizing the value of the wisdom of the elders, do not let them live in a world of loneliness! And in other young Christians and non-Christians, to show that they are able to do a lot of work in nursing homes, hospitals, parishes, school, family, together for a cause, a purpose. Protecting the Children, care to grow and discover the value of the Christian faith through the beauty of my eyes. It has been shown that lives in the Christian faith, living a fruitful and harmonious relationship in everyday society. To be close and persevere in a social cause, helping the parish to grow, praying for our pastors and obedience to contribute the faithful, because the pastor is also the bridge of his faithful with Christ in every Mass celebrated every day. We are to be simple and walking the path that is shown by Jesus Christ, who calls us to be different from what the consumer world and seductive offers us the wrong way. In the face of this world, we must answer against the culture of death and those who live far from the Light of Love of the Father of Jesus who was the servant of love, and love is revealed every day for us.

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